Here are some ideas that other schools have found helpful:

  • Create a "Parking Promise": When new children join your school, invite the parents to sign a parking promise as part of the necessary registration forms. It can be as simple or as formal and detailed as your school sees appropriate. Not only will this make parents aware of any parking constraints from the off, but it also acts as a useful reminder tool if you feel that parking around the school and nearby roads is getting a little out of hand.

  • Park & Stride: For some parents, driving their child to school is a must - whether that's due to distance or it's on the way to work etc. In this instance partnering up with local amenities that can offer free space for parents to drop off/pick up their children in a safe and less congested place can be a great compromise. Remember, ideally this "drop off zone" would not be too far from the school site and have a safe route for the children to walk, whether by themselves or with an adult.

  • Take Over Time!: Let the pupils get involved by creating their own campaigns! They can use their creativity, take photos/help create short films to promote their messages, about the importance of parking responsibly, to their parents. Have a watch of the video on our home page to see how one of our local primary schools did just this!

  • For more even more inspiration, click on the "Case Studies" tab at the top of your page to see what our other Kent schools have been up to!

Share your ideas!

If your school have more suggestions on how to combat irresponsible parking and create a safer and more sustainable school run, then please do get in touch and share your thoughts. You can email those ideas to

School Travel Plan

Creating or updating a school travel plan doesn't have to be hard work! Jambusters is a specialist website that all schools across Kent are invited to use. It provides a really simple, step by step, system to create, store or update a school travel plan. Most Kent schools are already registered but if you're not there yet, just follow the link to the Jambusters system and register for your login credentials now:

There are a number of benefits to maintaining your School Travel Plan:

  • It can be a great way of identifying what barriers parents may be facing when looking at sustainable travel options.

  • It helps schools to discover how best to encourage behaviour change when it comes to drivers parking irresponsibly.

  • The Jambusters system also incorporates Target setting, to provide the school with clear and SMART goals.

  • In the instance of a planning application request, a school must produce an up to date school travel plan which will then need to be signed off before the planning can be approved.

  • Grant Funding; when the Transport Innovations Team have funding available to allocate to schools, a reminder is sent out, via the Jambusters system, so that schools can get their applications in. Part of the decision making process for allocating funding is based on the information within, and maintenance of, the school travel plans.

Links to further information

Remember - If you need any support or would like any further information of any of the above, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Good Luck!

Iona Rogulski – Transport Planner, Transport Innovations Team, Kent County Council.