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children hold up responsible parking poster

Responsible Parking initiative – Herne Infants and Juniors- Canterbury District

As both our schools are situated in a village, with the Infants located in a one way road, issues around parking have been becoming an increasing problem.

This is affecting both the wellbeing of our local residents and the safety of our children, walking to and from school.

With the support of the Responsible Parking banners and literature from the team at KCC, we have been able to highlight this problem.

The banners have helped to readdress the need for our zig zags to remain free from cars and has been great in reinforcing that this includes “drop off” and “pick up” of the children.

Every adult has received a copy of the literature which again has helped to re-educate around double/single yellow lines, double parking and avoiding other hazardous locations.

The children, who have recently joined the reception classes, have received a talk from the local KCC Wardens to help reinforce the message.
The children are currently producing posters to promote safety around their schools.

This initiative has proved to be a positive scheme, to encourage car users to think about where they park and the impact on others.

Michelle Weston – KCC Warden

responsible bike/scooter parking responsible bike/scooter parking

When we reviewed our travel plan in 2014 it became apparent that our main area to be addressed was the number of families parking directly outside the school during drop off and collection times despite parking restrictions being in place. The risks to the safety of our pupils, together with the impact on our neighbours were unacceptable. We developed a two-fold plan, firstly to encourage more pupils to ride scooters or bikes to school rather than arrive by car. Secondly for those parents who continued to drive we proposed engaging our pupils in educating them on appropriate, safer parking.

The installation of our new cycle/scooter shelter, funded by a KCC School Travel Plan Grant was completed during the summer holidays. We are now able to accommodate 15 bikes in racks, as well increasing our scooter capacity to 45. Additional free standing scooters and bikes can be accommodated under the new shelter. To complete the facility, we purchased outdoor lockers for cycle helmets to encourage the children to wear appropriate safety equipment. The shelter has been full on most days since its installation, especially on Fridays when the Headteacher oversees a large scooter group in the playground, as part of our golden play rewards system. Bikeability training for our year 6 will start next week and we anticipate an increase in those cycling to school after that.

Finally in July we held a parking awareness competition for pupils and the four best posters were printed as banners which are displayed on the school’s railings and opposite the school. Our neighbours have responded positively and they have taken part in online discussions about the impact of the campaign. We will continue to monitor the one or two families who are not yet on message, but have seen an incredible reduction in problem parking so far this term.

Sussex Road School

two designs have been made up in to banners for the school gate

We ran a poster competition across our primary school, Minster CEP School - Ramsgate, to highlight the dangers of parking in inappropriate places. The children really got on board and we chose a winner from each of our houses. We have displayed the posters around the school site to clearly show parents where we don't want to see them parking. The fact that the posters were designed by the children gives a clear message from them.

Written by Rachel Newman.

Minster CEP School

two designs have been made up in to banners for the school gate

Children in Year 5 wanted to do something to encourage parents to park sensibly around the school. This was triggered by an incident in Term 4, when a child was almost hit by a car. The children read about this in the school newsletter and wanted to take further action. Their teacher encouraged them to discuss the issues and design a poster to warn parents of the dangers.

The designs were varied and imaginative, so it was decided to choose two designs to have made up in to banners for the school gate. It was felt that if parents saw a clear message from the children, they make take more notice. Barming, like most schools, has a very high percentage of parents who park sensibly around the school. The banners are aimed at the small number who risk the safety of the children.