Responsible Parking


We've all seen it (and at times contributed to it) – parking outside schools at peak times can often be erratic, infuriating and ultimately, unsafe for children and other road users.

The award winning Responsible Parking initiative has been designed to offer advice and resources to enable schools to run their own initiatives and campaigns to promote a safer school environment.

The Zig-Zag Toolkit, for example, is ideal for helping schools to highlight the importance of leaving the Zig Zag lines at the school entrance free from irresponsible parking. You can find out more by clicking on our "Resources for Schools" page.

This site also aims to provide parents and "school runners" alike, with ideas on how they can travel to school more actively and how they can get involved with encouraging other drivers to park considerably and safely around their child's school.

Go on - Get inspired by checking out our "Get Involved" pages!

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Schools currently participating:

  • East Peckham Primary School
  • Drapers Mills Primary Academy
  • Drapers Mills Primary Academy
  • Drapers Mills Primary Academy
  • Drapers Mills Primary Academy
  • Downs view infant School
  • Downs View Infant School
  • Downs view Infant school
  • Ditton Infant
  • Dartford Primary Academy